“Regex Spellcheck” for Vietnamese (continued)

“Regex Spellcheck” (step 2a) 😀

#! /bin/sh

# Vietnamese-initial-sounds splitter

# This script will split the Vietnamese syllables list (named 'LIST')
# into initial-sound-based lists. Each list (stored in one *.txt file)
# contains syllables that begin with one individual initial sound
# (presented in Quốc ngữ writing system).
# NOTICE: The initial sound /?-/ is not included here
# If you haven't got 'LIST', you can get it from TuDienVan package:
# http://sf.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=134457&package_id=151085

# All lists will be moved into this directory
# List of initial sounds
sounds='ch gh kh ngh ng nh p ph th tr b c d đ g h gi k l m n q r s t v x'

# Checking for Vietnamese syllables list
if [ ! -f LIST ]; then 
	echo 'Fatal error: LIST not found!';
	echo 'Please correct this problem before perform any actions!';

# Create target directory if not existed
if [ ! -d $tmpdir ]; then
	mkdir $tmpdir

# Splitting...
for i in $sounds; do
	egrep "^$i" LIST > $tmpdir/$i.txt;

# Enter target directory and rename đ.txt to dd.txt
cd $tmpdir
mv -f đ.txt dd.txt

# OK, now stripping...
sed -r -e '/^ch/d' -i c.txt
sed -r -e '/^g[hi]/d' -i g.txt
sed -r -e '/^kh/d' -i k.txt
sed -r -e '/^n[gh]/d' -i n.txt
sed -r -e '/^ngh/d' -i ng.txt
sed -r -e '/^ph/d' -i p.txt
sed -r -e '/^t[hr]/d' -i t.txt

# Counting...
wc -l *.txt | tail -n 1

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